John Swanson

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Any avid YouTube afficianado will not require suggestions from me to find videos to keep themselves entertained for hours. But if you are new to the venue or are looking for something different you will find the following upbeat and impressive in addition to entertaining.

Dancin' the Boogie. Silvan Zingg on piano with Mill and Maéva dancing at a pace that doesn't seem possible.

Vadrum Meets William Tell.. What would Rossini think of this?

Fashion Show Mishap.. Worth a laugh everytime you watch.

Amsterdam Railway Station Improv.. Group improv at its best.

Mrs. Hughes, standup comic.. Does anyone know if this commedienne has been able to produce another oustanding routine like this?

Electricity from Billy Elliot the Musical.. Liam Mower, one of the three original (London) musical Billy's performs on Blue Peter. a British TV (tele?) show wich recognizes outstandanding young talent. The show name is taken from the same British ship signal term 'peter' applied to a bridge player's defensive signal of playing high, then low, in a suit to indicate to partner that he wants the suit led again.

Last update: March 31, 2009