John Swanson

Welcome to my home page

When Nina and I launched our site there were two good reasons: to promote our paper collectibles and to publicize the bridge book I had just completed. Ten years later these reasons have faded away. Now it exists for personal satisfaction, but I hope that if you stumble across one of my pages because your interest coincides with mine you will not be bored.

Nina Remembered. A look at the beautiful paper images that Nina so enjoyed. Notes on her accomplishments as the Tournament Manager for the Orange County women's tennis Pacific Sun League (formerly Hill and Harbor).

Contract Bridge Contract bridge has been the primary endeavor in my life both as an avocation and vocation. This link includes articles, my book on international competition and links.
Collect Collecting began with stamps in my youth, expanded later to postal history and, with Nina's influence, postcards. The focus is on stamps of France and the French Colonies plus some ship postcards.
flute I have rediscovered how much fun it is to play the flute after putting it aside for half a century. With this site I can expand from merely annoying the neighbors with my attempts to annoying the entire world.
Diversions This is a popouri of my other interests and some opinions presented as fact. Nothing serious. Movies, Internet, games and puzzels.
Acknowedgment: The page only exists with the help of David Zechiel, a master software engineer, chess player, family man and friend. If you need professional assistance generating your web page you might visit his site.
Last update: March 31, 2009