John Swanson

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The following links to contract bridge sites are strongly recommended to anyone interested in the game. If you believe I have missed a worthwhile site please contact me.


Australian Bridge Australia's national bridge magazine; first rate.

The Bridge World This has been the most important contract bridge publication since Vanderbilt invented the game.

On-line play

Brdige Base Online (BBO) Play or watch bridge. BBO presents the play with expert commemtary of all important national and international matches.


American Contract Bridge League Essentailly all duplicate bridge games in North America, Mexico, and Bermuda are organized under the auspices of the ACBL. "The world’s greatest bridge club for the world’s greatest game."

Personal Sites

Richard Pavlicek's bridge site I cannot blieve the resources Richard provides at his site.

Michael Lawrence's bridge site Mike is number one as a combined player, author, and teacher.

Last update: March 31, 2009